To dream the dream I am dreaming. 


Those of you who know me in the tangible world have probably listened to me rant about injustice and how powerless it makes me feel to witness it daily. As a part of the medical field I occasionally bear witness to what I believe to be the cruelest irony. The elderly are treated badly, usually in unknown nursing homes and behind closed doors. We might read an article here and see a news report there, and we think, sometimes out loud, that it is sickening. I am one of the people that are sickened by this injustice, more so because it is not just behind closed doors in my personal experience. I see it right in the open, I watch others justify the mistreatment of the sick and elderly because “maybe the caretaker had a rough day” or “well you just dont understand how frustrating dealing with dementia can be”. To those who think there is any way to justify cruelty because someone “might be having a bad day” I say take a look in the mirror, take it all in, you are the problem. There is no excuse, there is no good reason, there is no justification for making someone who needs you to care for them suffer. I listened to an elderly woman cry, sob with great emotion, while she told me “I’m sorry, I just feel so hurt” and while speaking of her caregiver “she doesnt care about me, I pay her and to take care of me but she doesnt CARE”. This woman, Joan, told me that her caretakers arrive late very often and since she is unable to walk, she urinates in her bed, she told me they get mad at her. Joan has demetia, she is easily confused and emotionally weak, that is not a reason to mistreat her, that is a reason to be patient and understanding. “No one cares about me anymore, no one cares, my family is gone they left me here by choice. No one wants me, no one really cares”, if you could have seen the tears streaming down her face maybe you would reconsider your excuses, or maybe like that caretaker, you would roll your eyes and say Joan is “dramatic” or that “she is a liar”. Youth might make some feel like they will be young forever, like they will never be in joans shoes, but whats to say you wont. I dont wish misery on anyone, not even those cold hearted enough to be cruel to the weak. I wish reflexion will reach them and they will look within and extract this darkness living within them. I hope one day, you who think im overreacting, will realize that we are all deserving of compassion and love and patience. I know for damn sure that I will not change the worlds action with a blog post, but I plan to change the world of every mistreated person I encounter, even if it means nothing to anyone but them and myself.