Life and living


I have survived the first week in myrtle beach! Also my first two weeks of marriage! Yay me. OK, let me just give you a quick overview of my days. I am living with my husband, in a little two bedroom, single level condo, one short mile from the beach. I can smell the ocean air everywhere we go. When i look out at the ocean i feel complete, i know why life brought me here and why i had to wait to find the perfect person to share it with. I finally understand the defeats were all for the purpose of a greater triumph. Our condo is small but cozy, we have a screened patio in the back of the condo, where cupid (my bird) can make all the noise his little bird heart desires. Noise, cupid is surprisingly loud for such a small creature, I some days wonder how such noise can be emitted from such a small body. Cupid has been by my side for sixteen years, the entirety of his life he has loved only me, isn’t that neat? I find it incredible, when i look over and see this small feathered creature looking at me, with his dreamlike joy and all the love he can hold in his being, all for me. My days have been filled with chirping and singing and love from my feathered pet. My days have also been filled with smiles and laughter, provoked by my wonderful husband, Andrew Quinn. Although he is not as noisy as the bird, he fills my days with sweet words and happiness. I will be eternally grateful for these memories, when i grow weary and days are gloomy i can come back here, to the days i felt this way. When my mood is dark and unpleasant i can brighten it up with the dreamy characteristics of the last couple of weeks. I have been incredibly happy with life as it is. Even the sourness of missing my family and friends feels a bit sweet. I love that i have these people to miss, i am lucky to have wonderful memories everywhere i look. It is hard to be so far from my tiny soul mate, my person, but it is also alright, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” they say, and although i have at times disagreed with that saying, i agree now. I cant wait to share all my happiness with my cricket and my punkis and the rest of the people i love. I am happy right this second and i know i will only be happier when we reunite. So know that i am missing all of you with all my heart, but also know that my heart is full and overflowing with happiness.

That’s it for now! Text, call or email if you have questions about Myrtle beach or anything really!


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