Hi everyone (or really anyone at all,). I know this blog goes unread, and I don’t mind that it does, I enjoy expressing myself in any case. If you are one of the very few people who read it I hope you’re having a lovely day and have found something or someone to fill your life with joy and happiness.
A few things have happened since my last entry (I was supposed to post daily but obviously did not).
I’ll start on a happy note, with the present. I am currently ending week two of my new job and I think I may have found a place I really like, it might be too early to tell and I hope I’m not jinxing myself but that is my prediction.
I don’t feel it appropriate at the time to disclose the name of my new employer, however I will tell you all about this new adventure. I am still living in Denver, with my roommates Hannah and john (they’re genuinely nice people).
I have been considering moving away from Denver for the last couple of months, my new job is in lone tree and my family lives in Colorado Springs. Well long story short, I have been looking on Craigslist (I know, scary) and have honestly not found any place I would like better than my current home. For the time being I am going to stop looking. I don’t like the daily commute between lone tree and Denver, but I know it could be much worse! I also know it is going to be nearly impossible to find a new place where I am as comfortable as my current home. Ok, I know I got side tracked, so, this new clinic is a reproductive endocrinology practice, a field I had never dealt in at all. Here at the practice we deal with everything fertility (or rather Infertility) related. I am actually really enjoying learning about the trials and discomfort people go through to achieve mother/fatherhood. I want to have kids, and the fact is, I have never actually thought of the very real possibility that I might one day be like our patients. They are desperate for a child and are unable o conceive, it is truly fascinating how wide spread and diverse the group of people stricken by infertility is. Well, I will write more later tonight (lunch break is over!)
– Steph