I loved my job, loved what I did and the people I did it with. I used to look forward to work, it hardly felt like working! I was always thinking of my patients and ways to improve our already awesome clinic. The clinic where I work is an off branch from a large medical center (non profit). I was at this clinic from day one and therefore feel a certain degree of responsibility and ownership for the clinics achievements as well as shortcomings. I always felt at home and accomplished at my job, I was fulfilled. That all changed when the new supervisor, on her power trip, decided to start micromanaging and accusing me of absurdities. I can usually put up with a lot, but when she started asking our doctor (my close friend) to help her “get rid” of me, she crossed the line. It is probably pertinent to mention that the doctor I work with and the receptionist agree that the supervisor seems to really not want me around. She has been quoted telling others of her “plans to fire me”, it genuinely upsets me to be spoken of so negatively and rudely. However that was only the beginning of a hellish couple of months. In my mind there is hardly ever a valid reason to stay when you are unhappy, that being the case I submitted a few job applications elsewhere. After giving the matter more consideration and letting a few days go by, I realized that it is the logical thing to do to stay at my current job until my move to Costa Rica, regardless of how uncomfortable I am. The reason this is logical is that it would reflect badly upon me to take up new employment only to resign within the three month probation period. All this in mind, I received a phone call today offering me a job interview. It should not have been big deal, I could say I changed my mind and there would be no harm done, the problem is that this job is the job I have been wanting since 2011.  The interview is for  a position as a staff Spanish interpreter at the hospital. I used to work at the hospital as a contracted interpreter and always wanted to move into the highly sought after position of staff interpreter. I now feel very conflicted. I accepted the interview and have scheduled for Thursday. I know I have to be clear and let the interviewer know that I am not looking for long term employment and that I will be leaving in December, but it is so difficult because I really want the job and I know that this will make me, if not disqualified, less desirable for the job. I am desperately hoping that they can see that I am perfect for the position even if its only temporary :/ .

So please wish me luck and if you have any advise for me shoot me a line! Thank you for reading 🙂


The naive girls guide to melancholy…


So I have decided I want to start a topic, maybe a way to simply state that when it comes to naivety, no matter how naïve we feel now it is always an improvement. Although being naïve is not typically viewed as a shining achievement of a personality trait, there are times when you yearn to feel as simple as you were in younger days…… so to start the topic off right = I miss the days when I tried too hard, not to say that I no longer try but I will never have the same fervor as I did at 18. I miss being the girl who left silly “thank you” notes on strangers cars. I miss being the girl who loved her career choices and the people she worked with. I miss the girl who cried when she said goodbye to someone she knew she would genuinely miss. The girl who not only went the extra mile but ran all the way there with a smile. I miss the way I used to miss people. I know that the things that made me feel naïve and silly are part of my personality so they will never truly be lost, but it is hard knowing that these things can be overshadowed and devoid of a spotlight.

I know how vague this post was but I am low on time lately, this is another thing I miss, time.