Work Permit


I have been thinking a lot about what it is that I will do for work in Costa Rica. I have come to the conclusion that I need to start looking into getting a work permit ASAP. Initially I was just going to head down and see what Costa Rica is about and later on look into a work permit or student visa, but I recently received an email from Language Line that makes me think it might be a better idea to start looking into a work permit now. The email states that there are opening for the position that interests me but to set up an interview I have to provide  a valid work permit, has anyone come across such a thing? Can  anyone give me a bit of insight into what getting a work permit will entail? I’m just wondering if anyone has good advise for me 🙂




I have come across the cutes animal In existence! Now don’t get me wrong, I still adore hairless guinea pigs(they look like hippos), sphinx cats and all the other lovable hairless animals out there, but the tarsier is beyond cute. With his great big eyes and furry little body he just may be too cute to handle! Take a look for yourself!





I am a US. citizen, my mom and dad are Mexican born, mom is a US. citizen and dad is a permanent resident. This country seems to be the dream, this life is the dream, people from all over chase and fight and flee to become “American”. This is not my dream, this is not the life I wish to lead, I despise so many things that America stands for. I’m not saying I despise the country of my birth.  It just seems that everyone here is run by money or power or potential personal gain. You are what you own. Your possessions define your happiness and money rates a higher importance than love. Success is the car you drive and the house you own. One of the primary reasons I have for moving out of the country is simply this, the lack of selfless love, the fact that no one cares for each other, the demise of an ethical culture and the extreme materialism. As you know I have decided to give Costa Rica a try, now I am not assuming that everything will be perfect in CR, all I hope for is that it is different. I am chasing a dream of my own. I dream of a lovely place with lovelier people, who will not judge me by the brand of my t-shirt. I chase to find genuine smiles and simplicity and a helping hand to hold if ever I teeter or fall. I want to fight for the underappreciated, and to be appreciated. I am fleeing this material life in hopes of finding one that will make my soul rich, regardless of my monetary worth. I don’t know if you can identify with this feeling but I’ve felt it since I have been old enough to realize what goes on in the world around me. There are many people I love and wish I could bring with me but I know they don’t share the same desires. There is nothing wrong with having goals or desires that contradict my own, I wouldn’t judge a person who has goals to become rich and famous, everyone has to do what makes them happy. I just want to freely follow my heart and never be afraid that I will regret staying where I was unhappy at the end of my life. Costa Rican is where it starts for me, I am in no way decide  that it is where I will lay down roots but it is very possible, I’m honestly not afraid that it wont work out. I may not know where I want to be quite yet but in know its not in the US. so this is the starting line and I am ready for the race! A race to be enjoyed and fulfilled at my own pace.