Narrowing down my search!




OK well I fell in love today…. with a town that is. I have been looking at CR as a possible place to move for years now, but I have never really settled on the exact location to settle down. I have been looking for a small town, not touristy but definitely not secluded, where I can live on the beach but also be close enough to the market and restaurants. A place to be safe and comfortable but nowhere near the big noisy city. Somewhere to be at peace with the ocean and listen to the crashing waves upon awakening every morning. A little slice of paradise where I can sunbathe and write poetry on the beach all day until the sunsets, at which point I can count the stars. I think I have found it!!! The town is called Esterillos Oeste, go look it up if you have been on a similar search as mine. I am very very excited! I bought my CR tickets over a week ago and although I don’t depart until September I have already been stressing about finding a place to rent! I am very very very hopeful that this is the place for me, that CR is where I am meant to make a life and enjoy living it! I found a pleasant real estate worker who seems to know what she’s talking about, her page is super helpful and informative and she emails a response quicker than I expected! Check out her properties if you’re in the market for rental or to buy in CR she is also on FB!
So that’s todays update guys! I’m beyond happy and excited for September! Let me know if there’s anything you’re curious about regarding anything me related 🙂
Love Love Love


Getting Started


Hi everyone, i’m steph 🙂 This is my first ever blog post! I’m excited! I have made the hopefully positive, life changing decision to move to Costa Rica. I bough plane tickets for my sister and myself last week. We are leaving Colorado On September 17th and have return flights (we may or may not keep) for December 11th. Thank you so much for joining m adventure, I promise to always be interesting and informative. Buh bye for now 🙂